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Let this music open your heart.

“Listening was like meditation.. so very soul-soothing.” – Ocean Iris

Those who wander

 The album – 6 songs & 23 page booklet

Music is magic: It touches your heart & speaks to your soul.
Let the ancient wisdom in these songs enchant you!

  • Comes in lossless audio quality for best emotional connection
  • Booklet with lyrics, translation and meaning for each song
  • Everything 100% selfmade in a little homestudio

If you want a different payment option or have troubles with the download, write to! 

Your music touches people in ways they wouldn’t be able to experience otherwise!

It literally brought tears to my eyes. You have given me the wonderful gift of peace & joy.. truly a retreat of healing.

– D. Carmena

listen, consciously


Maybe you know these songs, but I invite you to hear them in a new way.

Be fully immersed in the music, let your thoughts go & just feel.

Taking time to listen and following along with the lyrics creates an even more profound experience.





















“Not all those who wander are lost”

Inspired by this quote from Lord of the Rings, a musical journey unfolds that takes you right back into your heart.

Feeling lost is only the start of finding your light.
Without searching you cannot find!
So let the music inspire you to go within & discover your true Self.

“Those Who Wander” is a compilation of some of the most beautiful and
epic fantasy songs 
– reinterpreted in a way that makes them tangible & true.

The 6 songs in particular have one common message:


Have hope, after darkness comes light!
By following your inner calling you’ll find the way home.


I feel like this music carries pure divine grace & immediately takes you into being. I love it, especially Evenstar!

– Ludwig Schwankl (

Watch, consciously

 Be inspired by these spontaneously created videos to find your true nature.

“This video is absolutely beautiful. It literally brought me to tears. 
It’s been helping me to feel more at peace. Who wouldn’t want that?!”
– Marcy Hyman

Sing, consciously

Using your own voice to sing these songs will deepen your understanding easily. The lyrics bring forth the meaning behind the music!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a singer or not – singing has power.



Emerelle is a Singer & plays the Flute and Piano. She studied Elementary Music Education & Classical Singing at an Austrian Music University + self-studied Music Production, Photo- and Videography.

A life-long calling for truth has led to an intense journey of trying to discover our true purpose & finding a place in this world. The search first awakened an interest in all things Spirituality (also Fantasy & Elves) but wasn’t fulfilled until she met an enlightened master who pointed to the true nature of our Self… home.


“Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for being the first person to bring tears to my eyes in a long time.”
“I never believed in love.. until now.”
“You did something to me, Emerelle.. I’m overwhelmed with happiness! Thanks for your music!”

“Wow OMG, I felt this in my soul!”

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